David Russell: Photographer

David is married to Brenda, his business partner, and they have one son, Keir.

David Russell has been a photographer since he was eight years old, when he saved up for and bought his first Box Brownie. He built his first darkroom at the age of 12, and was his high schoolís events photographer for his senior years.

At Canterbury University, where he studied Fine Arts, David worked as a professional photographer at Leicagraph Studio, photographing weddings and events. He also ran their lab to turn out quality prints for their thousands of clients. Epsom Training College was an opportunity to develop Audio Visual skills, and then into a teaching career that involved art craft and design, but with a huge emphasis on photography.

David wrote the NZQA unit standards for photography and photo processing in the 90ís, and the one year Professional Photography course he designed in conjunction with the industry saw many quality photographers enter the workforce.

David decided that his passion for photography was too strong, and established Southern Exposures Photography in 2000. The business has been fully digital since 2004.

He photographs a huge range of events, places and subject matter, treating everything with his artistís eye, and an enquiring mind. His experience includes almost every facet of photography, and this to him offers the ever changing challenges of a fascinating job.
As well, he is a prolific writer, and has articles published on a regular basis.

In all of his photography work he expertly focuses on his clients needs, and fully meets their requirements in a friendly, creative and timely manner.